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Scott & Carolyn Burd - Certified Rolfers in Boulder & Denver!

Welcome to The Rolfing® Burds

You've tried everything else, now let us help you!  

Have you been dealing with a chronic/nagging back pain, neck pain, shoulder injuries or any other pain/injuries? 

Is your body affecting your quality of life, work, activities and adding stress to your life?

Rolfing is a unique form of bodywork that systematically works to realign, readjust, reorganize and balance the body to its most efficient form. This is done by manipulation of the body’s fascial tissue(connective tissue) and reeducation with the client and their body awareness. 

Rolfing works to allow the body to let go of restrictions, non-useful patterns and correct imbalances, that are deep in the fascial tissue and central nervous system(CNS) of our bodies and are responsible for causing pain, discomfort and dysfunction in our bodies. 

Rolfing enables the body to regain its natural, organized, form-restoring freedom of movement, revitalizing energy, and leaving you feeling more comfortable, relaxed and pain free.

At The Rolfing Burds, we are focused on providing highest-quality service and customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can with our knowledge, training and experience to exceed your expectations. 

Let us show you how Rolfing will change your life and help you get out of pain!